*See below for Latest Updated Files 1/17/2011 *

Writ of Certiorari 1

Request for Certificate of Availability 07-2356 #2

Request for Certificate of Availability 07-2006 #3&4

Pre Filing Authorization #5

MRJ 6a

MRJ 6b

New Evidence 7

Unfullfilled Soil Testing Order 8

McClanahan Phone Bill 9

Casino and ATM Data 10

Detective Scarberry Reports 11

Closing Arguments 12

Maps 14

60B #2 Motion, New Rule of Law

Inadequate Law Library Grievance

6th Circuit COA 09-1807

Federal District Court 07-2088 60B

6th Circuit Second PFA 09-1953

MRJ 105-cv-0344

Certificate of Appealability

Writ of Certiorari10-08-09

Writ of Certiorari12-11-09

*Motion to Vacate 8-20-10*

*Appeal-Motion to Vacate Judgement 9-12-10*

*Application for Leave to Appeal 11-19-10*

*Motion for Access to legal Material 9-8-10*

*Motion for Council, and Docket Sheet 9-8-10*

*Motion to Reconsider, Motion to Vacate 9-9-10*


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